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Politics - General

Politics - International

Now We Have Only Our Dreams
Afghan Women in Exile

Conscience; Autumn 1998

Politics - Elections - National Office

*2004 Campaign

Blogging the Republican National Convention
AddieStan.com; August 29 - September 3, 2004

Momentary bliss
Pre-election life on Capitol Hill

AddieStan.com; October 8, 2004

Tammy Baldwin's New Battle
The Advocate; May 26, 2004

Whuttzee Up To?
Howard Dean's Guerilla Operation

AddieStan.com, May 3,2004

Keepin’ It All Together
President Clinton Talks to Yours Truly
at the Democrats United Dinner

Addiestan, Washington Blade; April 4, 2004

Up In the Tree Fort at Camp VeepWannaBe
AddieStan.com, March 12, 2004

Zoom! Zoom! (on president's visit to Daytona Race Track) and Bollocks! (on president's visit to Louisiana Army base)
AddieStan.com, February 17, 2004

*2000 Campaign

Inside the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition
Salon.com, July 29, 2000

Elizabeth Dole's Secret Weapon
Working Woman, February 2000

The Year of the Working Woman
Working Woman, November 1999

*1996 Campaign

House of God? (Power Preying)
The Religious Right Aims to Take the White House

Mother Jones, November/December 1995

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