From: Aadland, Anders B MG Dir IMA
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 12:13 AM
Subject: IMA Directors NETCALL # 27 -- FY04 MYR: Resource Management Actions Required for Remainder of FY04 (UNCLASSIFIED)
Importance: High

Garrison Commanders,

IMA presented its FY04 OMA mid-year review (MYR) briefing to VCSA and ARSTAF on 30 Apr 04. The results of this briefing are summarized at attachment -- read this first. The guidance from the VCSA was clear:

(1) Our strategy to execute SRM early was sound; (2) Do not deobligate SRM projects to which we are committed; (3) We must develop and implement efficiencies and economies of immediately to do our part to get through this challenging year. In order to execute #4, the following actions must be implemented upon receipt of this NETCALL and will remain in effect until further notice:

1. Personnel Management:
a. Implement hiring freeze (for all appropriated fund (APF) employees and all non-appropriated fund (NAF) employees who are reimbursed by APF). The only exceptions are fill actions and retention of term/temporary employees who are essential for support of GWOT/modularity, or hiring actions in response to DA-directed military-to-civilian conversions where the military incumbent is departing. The hiring freeze does not include internal promotions, reassignments, and other personnel actions that do not result in a accession to the IMA rolls or PCS move. Personnel actions that would result in a PCS move or gain from a non-IMA organization are prohibited by this hiring freeze.

b. Release all temporary employees. The only exceptions are temporary employees who are paid by GWOT funds. All other temporary employees not directly involved in GWOT will be separated NLT 1 June 2004. Also, do not extend appointments of term employees scheduled to expire this fiscal year.

c. Stop student employment/summer hire program. This freeze precludes hiring under student employment and summer hire programs; in addition, student employees who are currently working or are scheduled to return to duty for summer work must be released or remain in a leave-without-pay status.

d. Exceptions: Requests for exception to the hiring freeze must be submitted, with justification, to the Chief of Staff, HQ IMA, for consideration for my approval. Formal commitments on job offers made prior to the date of this NETCALL will be honored. Only VERA/VSIP actions which preclude reductions in force (RIF) are allowed.

2. Civilian Training and Development: IMA will not fund military or civilian training for the remainder of the fiscal year; however, that does not mean we stop all training. We will continue to take maximum advantage of training paid by ACTEDS dollars, which is still available through career program channels and Army G1.

3. Conferences/TDY. All IMA-generated conferences and meetings requiring TDY of attendees are canceled for the remainder of the fiscal year. IMA must not allow communication and teamwork to stop, and therefore must employe VTCs and conference calls to the maximum degree. Exceptions will be submitted to the IMA Chief of Staff for consideration for my approval. The Garrison Commanders Conference and Stalwart Award competition will be rescheduled for a date a early as possible in FY05. IMA attendance at non-IMA conferences will be recommended to me by region directors or IMA Chief of Staff and approved only where deemed mission essential. TDY will be severely restricted to travel directed by higher authority or by region directors for support of GWOT or critical mission requirements. Approved TDY will be restricted to a single IMA attendee. Region directors will approve all TDY for the region; IMA Chief of staff will approve all TDY for HQ IMA.

4. Supplies. Reduce supply orders; deplete on-hand supplies.

5. Service Contracts. Reduce contract scope and fund only through 30 October 2004.

6. Force Protection. Reduce contract support for force protection, reduce security support functions, and stop all possible execution of QLPR $ that are not critical to maintenance of requisite FPCON levels.

7. FY04 Facilities Reduction Program (FRP). IMA will truncate the centrally managed FRP, reducing funding to level of payment for only that demolition work which in already underway.

8. Information Technology (IT). Reduce IT support expenditures by 10%.

9. Environmental. Take additional risk in environmental programs; terminate environmental contracts and delay all non-statuatory enforcement actions to FY05.

10. SMR. Limit sustainment expenditures to repairs essential to preservation of life, limb or property and payroll for on-board personnel.

11. Services. Reduce/limit to provide only those services essential to support an Army at war or critical to life support of supported population.

12. Tactical Equipment Maintenance. Perform tactical equipment maintenance only to funded support levels -- stop or control work until additional funding is provided. Ensure coordination with supported mission activities and region director in all instances where work must be refused.

13. APF Support of NAF Activities. Minimize discretionary APF support to NAF activities. NAF cannot sustain the MWR programs in place of APF; do not terminate existing APF support programs such as MWR USA unless you discontinue the corresponding program.

All reprogramming fences are lifted to allow reprogramming of funds from force protection, environmental , or other accounts restricted in previous FY04 funding guidance. IMA RM will realign SRM to BOS as approved in the IMA Funding Letter and balance total IMA BOS funding to the DA Funding Letter position, reducing garrison funding for prior over-distribution that was based on anticipated increases from DA. IMA RM will process your requests for reprogramming SRM to BOS as recommended by your region director. IMA RM will realign funds to meet payroll requirements among Training Enable/Training Support and Airfield Operations accounts. For garrisons that paid airfield operations from Force Protection (MDEP QLPR) in prior years, DA has authorized the continuation of this policy. In all situations such as range and airfield operations where funding limitations mandate, reduce your workload and expenditures primarily to civilian pay only.

I know that some of these actions will be painful; I also know you understand that we would not go to these severe measures if we had a choice -- but we do not. Although I hope these severe cutbacks ware short-lived, I cannot promise you that we will not have to maintain them for the remainder of the FY. These are extraordinary times for our Army -- when fighting a war on several fronts, maintaining combat readiness on others, and transforming our warfighting force through the Modularity Concept are being executed simultaneously. Our installations have a vital role in these unprecedented actions, and we must not fail. Again, this is a team effort, just as we have achieved over the past 20 months of support the war while standing up this great agency. All of you must implement these actions now and ensure resources are best used to support the war effort. I need your help to do all you can do to control costs, pursue efficiencies and cost-savings, protect the SRM investments you have already made this year, and mitigate the negative impacts of these cuts to the Soldiers, family members and civilians who depend on your installation for their vitality and life support.

I assure, the IMA leadership will keep the department advised of our funding status and continue to seek additional funding support as we work toward FY04 year-end.

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