Coverage of the Democratic National Convention
from AddieStan 

NOTE: The reader will find occasional references in these posts to cigarette smoking. Your blogstress wishes her readers to know that, as of September 2007, she has been smoke-free for more than a year, and has almost returned to her normal size.

The Vamp-up

Sisterhood of the Blog

On the Road Again

Day One - Remembrance of Tomorrows Past

Day Two - With Friends Like These...

Day Three - Snoopy & the Breck Girl

Day Four - Lockdown

It's Over - Blogster Kudos

THANK YOU: Musicians Rock!

If you don't live in a community of musicians, you might want to consider moving your real life into a musical quadrant. Without the help and technical prowess of three virtuosi, my DNC coverage on this blog would not have been possible.

Many thanks to Rodrigo Munera, Tony Melvern and my number one partner in musical crimes, Frank Gilligan, for their many kindnesses.


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